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House of Light

(Ukraine, Dneprodzerhynsk)


Following the success of our fostering project Seeking Mum in Dneprodzerhynsk, ChildAid identified a need to extend help to those young people still in orphanages across the city.

We have built links with the orphanages and church groups so that the children and young people can be taken out of the institutions for short periods.

So, in 2009 we purchased a small house with extensive gardens. A period of refurbishment followed and it soon opened its doors to receive orphans for a number of activities.

We hope to expand the type of activities and meet the needs of increasing numbers of orphans. In one of the rooms we would like to set up an area to offer therapies for disabled toddlers. In the city there is little if any provision for supporting or coaching parents which often leads to the children being abandoned.

Following a period of uncertainty when a  city official restricted our level of activity we have again built the confidence of those responsible for orphans in the city that our work is a vital additional to teh development of young people. As a consequence we are delighted that the House of Light is now available to many more children who can receive life-skills, fellowship and fun.

Our only restriction now is the number of hours in the day and days in the week! There is such a massive demand and immense interest in the House, demonstrating its huge success and potential, that we simply cannot accommodate all the children who want to make use of teh service we can provide.

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